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Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2011

Executive Summary

Statement of Need Students in San Francisco¿s highest need schools suffer from a revolving door of teachers; of the District¿s 113 schools, 25 account for over 40% of the teacher turnover. Persistent teacher attrition causes great instability at these schools and negatively impacts student achievement. Further, the highest needs schools and hard to staff subjects such as math, science, bilingual, and special education tend to have the least experienced teachers. In San Francisco as throughout the country, as many as 50% of new teachers leave the profession within their first five years of teaching. A host of studies show that teachers leave the profession when they are inadequately prepared for the vicissitudes of teaching diverse students in challenging urban settings. Mission Statement Equity, student achievement, and accountability are the foci of the new strategic plan in San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). The importance of this work is unparalleled and the challenge of bringing these goals to fruition is immense. Through the San Francisco Teacher Residency program, SFUSD, University of San Francisco, the San Francisco Education Fund, and Stanford University all share the commitment and the responsibility for attracting, developing and retaining high quality teachers for San Francisco¿s students. Together we aim to develop the capacity of teachers and schools to meet the needs of urban youth. Expected Impact San Francisco Teacher Residency aims to recruit and prepare 30 new teachers each year who will commit to teaching in SFUSD¿s hard to staff schools and subject areas for a minimum of three years beyond their service year. Further, we aim to increase the stability and ability of the teachers at these schools, thus improving student achievement. Summary of Program Design Corps members, known as Residents, will be placed in cohorts in one of three SFUSD schools that have been identified as Teaching Academies. Members will serve in the classroom with a highly qualified Demonstration teacher for an entire school year. Working side-by-side in an apprenticeship model, the Member and the Demonstration Teacher will teacher will develop and enact lessons, assess students, analyze classroom data and coordinate communications with parents and other caregivers. Additionally, each Member will develop one service-learning project that will be implemented with their students. They will recruit volunteers at the school and from the community to assist with this project. Concurrent to their fieldwork, Members will complete university courses for their teaching credentials and master¿s degrees from one of our university partners. The coursework will be designed prepare teachers to teach in San Francisco¿s high needs schools and subjects. Upon completion of the service year and the credential, Members will become teachers of record in SFUSD¿s public schools.

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