Robert Burrows Holdings, INC

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Presidents Volunteer Service Award Program FY 2011

Executive Summary

TITLE: Robert Burrows Holdings, Inc. NAME/LOCATION OF LEAD ORGANIZATION: Robert Burrows Holdings, Inc., Victorville, CA BRIEF SUMMARY OF PROGRAM: Establish modern office structure to support administration and record keeping for Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) program and through promotion and cooperative partnerships expand program participation across the country by 10 percent a year. MARKETING PLAN TO BE IMPLEMENTED: Utilizing an experienced core of small business professionals to establish the PVSA program using a low cost model of operations to ensure the greatest access to the program. By meeting customer needs for volunteer recognition, we will further identify organizations that are not partnered with the PVSA program. Once identified we will contact those organizations through, individual contact, promotional material, and utilizing social media as a means of creating program awareness. MIN/MAX AWARDS DISTRIBUTED THROUGH PROPOSED PLAN: 100,000/Unlimited GRANT AMOUNT REQUESTED: $149,115.00

Award Information

Application ID: 11BI131570
CNCS Award Amount: $0.00
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