Philadelphia Youth Network, Inc

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Nonprofit Capacity Building Program 2011

Executive Summary

TITLE: Philadelphia Youth Network, Inc. -- Capacity-Building Project NAME/LOCATION OF SOLE ORGANIZATION: Philadelphia Youth Network, 714 Market Street, Suite 304, Philadelphia, PA 19106 PROPOSAL SUMMARY: The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) is a nationally-recognized youth-workforce-development intermediary founded in 1999 with the charge of creating and managing a coordinated, youth workforce system -- now known as WorkReady Philadelphia -- that would assure equitable access and improved educational/economic outcomes for the city's youth. The project proposed here will dovetail with and be partially funded by a three-year capacity-building initiative recently awarded PYN by the William Penn Foundation. Drawing on past experience and utilizing a field-tested model for enhancement of performance management capabilities, PYN would serve providers drawn from the network of organizations that offer services under the umbrella of WorkReady, which currently serves an average of 10,000 youth annually. PYN will implement a multi-staged project, beginning with identifying providers with the commitment -- but without the resources -- to improve their performance-management capability. PYN will facilitate a rigorous assessment process to determine each selected organization's data needs and the obstacles to meeting those needs. Using the Result-Based Accountability model and Empowerment Evaluation Theory, PYN's team will devise a Learning Agenda for each provider that will guide progress along a spectrum of performance-management levels. Providers will engage in experiential-based learning designed to facilitated skill acquisition in four areas: data collection; data quality; data analysis; and data-driven management. Integration of these skills will be evaluated at the close of the project. GEOGRAPHIC AREA TO BE SERVED: Philadelphia, PA NUMBER OF ORGANIZATIONS TO BE SERVED: 10 REQUEST AMOUNT: $282,170

Award Information

Application ID: 11CB131083
CNCS Award Amount: $0.00
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