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Nonprofit Capacity Building Program 2011

Executive Summary

Title: Community Resource Exchange Sole Intermediary: Community Resource Exchange (CRE), New York, NY Summary: Through The Performance Initiative, CRE proposes a comprehensive strategy to: *Provide knowledge about implementing a Performance Management (PM) system to 75 nonprofits via introductory workshops on Theory of Change and PM *Expose these and other New York City nonprofits with budgets of $5 million and under, in the Corporation for National and Community Service's (CNCS) priority areas and facing significant resource hardship challenges to a PM Readiness Tool and the opportunity to apply for in-depth organizational development assistance to develop and implement a PM system *Work with 15 target nonprofit organizations to develop and implement a PM system *Align organizational goals and services of the 15 target nonprofits with staff performance appraisal used to measure and reward performance toward outcomes *Coach the 15 organizations in the decision-making process around data systems for PM *Coach the 15 organizations to develop a "culture of inquiry" in thinking about and using data *Continue to educate the 75 nonprofits reached through introductory workshops via additional tools, information and learning communities via our website and email lists Geographic Area: The five boroughs of New York City with an emphasis on low-income communities (defined as those in which the majority of residents have incomes of 200% of the poverty level and below). Number of Nonprofits served: 75 Grant amount requested: $199, 748

Award Information

Application ID: 11CB131138
CNCS Award Amount: $0.00
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