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Commission Competitive Education Awards Program FY 2011

Executive Summary

The Michigan Service Scholars (MSS) AmeriCorps Program, administered by the Michigan Campus Compact (MCC) in partnership with member college campuses across Michigan will mobilize 300 college students across the state to provide community service as volunteers to community/faith based organizations in order to promote civic and service habits among Michigan college students. Three hundred college and university students across Michigan will provide, at minimum, 300 hours each of community service to community/faith based organizations and K-12 education institutions. These AmeriCorps members will address CNCS AmeriCorps priorities through strengthening communities, volunteer recruitment, member development and education. The MSS members will identify as part of one of three service categories: 1) Teacher Preparation members will be education students performing their student teaching in K-12 classrooms. These members will perform 300 hours of service in these classrooms while designing and implementing at least one lesson plan that involves a service-learning component, therefore exposing youth to the value of service. 2) College Positive Volunteer members will serve the majority of their 300 hours will youth, implementing the ideas and activities of the College Positive Volunteer (CPV) curriculum developed by Michigan Campus Compact. 3) Community/Faith-based Service members will serve at a variety of nonprofit organizations in communities across Michigan. Their service focus will vary and include volunteer recruitment and direct service initiatives. All MSS members will receive member training that will include an introduction and overview of the MSS program requirements, citizenship training and College Positive Volunteer training specially tailored to this group. MCC's College Access AmeriCorps*VISTA will give all MSS members an introduction to the CPV curriculum, and all members in the Teacher Preparation and College Positive Volunteer categories will be required to complete the full CPV training online. MCC will measure our success through participant surveys, tabulation of impact numbers--such as new volunteers recruited, hours volunteered, service-learning units taught, and CPV activities implemented--and surveys to community/faith based organizations will assess if members are helping fulfill the community/faith based organizations mission. MCC is a growing consortium of forty-two college and university presidents, with the mission to promote the education and commitment of Michigan college students to be engaged citizens, through creating and expanding academic, co-curricular and campus-wide opportunities for community service, service-learning and civic engagement. In line with this mission, MCC proposes a continuation of members for the Michigan Service Scholars (MSS) AmeriCorps Education Award program.

Award Information

Application ID: 11ES124706
CNCS Award Amount: $0.00
CNCS Grant Number: 10ESHMI0010002
11ES124706 (pdf)
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