New Mexico Highlands University

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Contact Information

P. O. Box 9000
Las Vegas, NM 87701
(505) 454-3578
Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2012

Executive Summary

The AmeriCorps Cultural Technology (ACT) program serves underrepresented minority, economically underserved students in Media Arts and recent graduates who come primarily from rural communities in NM with few employment prospects for applying their newly acquired multimedia design skills. ACT provides them with intensive professional development and job placement through service to the target community of NM Cultural Institutions (e.g., museums, libraries and archives). Members use multimedia technologies to actively engage with Cultural Institutions (CIs) in projects that expand access to our nation's cultural and historic treasures. ACT will begin September 1, 2012 and end August 31, 2013, and will focus on the CNCS area of Economic Opportunity. Anticipated outcomes consist of 23 economically disadvantaged individuals receiving job training/placement services; 20 CIs receiving services from ACT members; 10 CIs implementing improved volunteer practices; and the recruitment of 100 new community volunteers. ACT's long-term impacts on CIs will include higher public ratings on their program effectiveness and increases in volunteerism and public attendance. The CNCS investment of $140,145 will be matched with $315,299.

Award Information

Application ID: 12AC133868
CNCS Award Amount: $126,130.00
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