Maine Commission for Community Service

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Contact Information

105 State House Station
Augusta, ME 4333
(207) 624-7790
Commission AmeriCorps State Fixed Amount Grants FY 2012

Executive Summary

The Maine Commission for Community Service is pleased to submit this application for FIXED PRICE Funding in the amount of $208,000 to support two grantees. Island Institute AmeriCorps Fellows Program will increase opportunities for Maine students living in isolated offshore communities to engage in service-learning activities in order to increase student engagement in school and increase the likelihood that they will successfully graduate from high school. FoodsCorps Maine will decrease childhood obesity among Maine youth through nutrition education, increased access to locally grown healthy foods and through the implementation of school garden projects. This funding will support 20.0 MSYs and 20 full-time fixed price slots The Remaining $392,000 will be allocated in two Cost Reimbursement grants under application ID 12AC137777 Maine would like to request supplemental funding in the amount of $52,000 to support additional FoodCorps Members as the Commission did not have enough funding in its formula allocation to fund the program at the MSY level requested by the applicant. The program has been informed that this funding may not be available during the second and third years of the grant period. Please note the following. Rationale & Approach Narrative includes information on the Commission's scoring process and brief summaries of the funded applicants' proposed programmatic approaches. Organizational Capability includes a description of the Commission's areas of focus from their State Service Plan and a discussion of some of the feedback received during our state competitive and state formula competitions Budget/Cost Effectiveness includes a summary of the applicants' requests, including funds, msy's and cost per msy. Also included are the score summaries and a discussion of the unique solution used to support FoodCorps

Award Information

Application ID: 12ES139458
CNCS Award Amount: $208,000.00
CNCS Grant Number: 12FXHME001
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