Harrison County Council on Aging Inc.

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Contact Information

PO Box 471
Bethany, MO 64424
(660) 425-7555
RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

Executive Summary: Requesting $41,698.00 from The Corporation for National and Community Services to support the Harrison/Daviess Counties RSVP program which is sponsored by Council on Aging. The mission of the Harrison/Daviess Counties RSVP is to promote systems that enhance the quality of life for those 60 and older through meaningful volunteerism in their community. The program strives to listen to the needs and respond by developing programs that foster utilization of resources effectively and efficiently, localized community service provision and individual decision making. We value older persons as an important segment of society and believe they should be afforded independence, dignity, respect and the opportunity to contribute to society and their own well being. We believe there is strength in diversity and value working together toward common ground goal of independence and happiness of all older Northwest Missourians and the community as a whole. Many workstations have declined their number of actual employees due to economic finances, so our volunteers strive to bridge the gap. The needs of the communities are quite similar between the two large regions of both counties. All 175 Harrison/Daviess RSVP volunteers assist to create vibrant communities and to fill the need of donating a multitude of hours through networking in the 3 volunteer sites of the 1 Focus Area Initiative for Healthy Futures (Sr. Centers) with 7 Community Priorities and the 2 capacity building/focus throughout the 2 counties. These focused needs are as follows: Capacity Building sites are (1) the ACS Thrift Store which is staffed with 90% RSVP Volunteers which serves financially devastated households in Daviess County providing household items and clothing. A monthly report of the items distributed and monetary value attached to those items. And (2) The Harrison County Food Pantry which garners donated food from the TEFAP program and 2nd Harvest Food Bank, along with food and monetary donations from organizations and the public in the community. The Focus Area (Healthy Futures) is the Harrison/Daviess Multi Purpose Centers of which there are 3 separate sites located in Bethany, Gallatin and Pattonsburg whom collectively serve senior meals to a multitude of home bound senior patrons aged 60 or older where RSVP Volunteers assist in some capacity. Senior Center monthly reports turned into RSVP allows the calculation of RSVP Volunteers and number of patrons served. The remaining 7 work sites the remaining 175 unduplicated RSVP Volunteers are those that were put in place to assist the community at large: RSVP Fundraising, Hospital, DAR, Geneology, OATS, VFW/American Legion, Community Involvement. Through the Harrison/Daviess RSVP Program, our volunteers encourage the ongoing relationship of fostering those needed ties to the community creating a valuable service along with building a stable and dependable volunteer based foundation in our communities. RSVP plans to graduate volunteer sites at the annual recognition dinner along with a letter of appreciation to include the explanation of our new focus of operations. Plus, an offer of being placed at the remaining volunteer sites if desired.

Award Information

Application ID: 13SR144447
CNCS Award Amount: $41,698.00
CNCS Grant Number: 13SRWMO009
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