2020 RSVP Competition Training and Technical Assistance Recordings and Session Materials

Session 1: Introduction to CNCS, Senior Corps and RSVP

In this session, we introduced potential applicants to the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency that administers the RSVP program as part of its mission to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering across the United States. We also examined the RSVP program in more depth, discussing how it empowers individuals 55 and over to serve their communities throughout the country.

Click here for the session slides and transcript.

Session 2: A Guided Tour of the Notice of Funding Opportunity

In this session, we looked more closely at the Notice of Funding Opportunity (or “NOFO”) that describes the application process and its requirements in greater depth. We spotlighted some of the most important sections of this critical document and highlight other tools and resources you can use to help you through the application process.

Click here for the session slides and transcript. 

Session 3: RSVP in Action: Mobilizing a Generation

In this session, we focused on the RSVP program itself and how communities all across the country use RSVP grants to mobilize older Americans in service opportunities that address their unique local needs. We explored the kinds of partnerships they form and how RSVP has been used to address the funding priorities for this competition, with some specific examples to help potential applicants envision their own RSVP programs.

Click here for the session slides and transcript. 

Session 4: Understanding National Performance Measures

In this session, we reviewed the National Performance Measures, CNCS’ method of quantifying a grantee’s impact on the community. We discussed the rationale behind this system of performance measurement, look at the menu of available output and outcome measures, and reviewed the specific requirements for RSVP applicants. We also used some real examples to help us understand how an individual grantee can contribute to the nationwide story of service told by the National Performance Measures.

Click here for the session slides and transcript.

Session 5: Submitting Your Application via eGrants

In this session, we walked through the process of submitting an application in CNCS’ electronic grants management system, eGrants, step-by-step. We gave some pointers on using the system and looked inside the system so you’re prepared to submit your application seamlessly.

Click here for the session slides and transcript.

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