Brand Research Findings

AmeriCorps | Senior Corps | CNCS  Brand Research Findings, Low Awareness- Brand Awareness by Program, members of the public that indicated familiarity with the following programs, 50% AmeriCorps 37% FGP, 30% SCP, 29% VISTA, 27% NCCC, 24% Senior Corps, 23% RSVP, 20% CNCS, 80% of the general public is not familiar with CNCS. Only 12% of the general public is able to correctly identify the main purpose of CNCS. Brand Identification by Program. Members of the public familiar with and able to correctly identify the main purpose of the following programs: 34% AmeriCorps, 22% SCP, 19% FGP, 17% VISTA, 15% Senior Corps, 12% CNCS, 11% RSVP, 10% NCCC. Difficult to Explain: 50% of the grantees and sponsors say it can be difficult to explain the AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs. 51% of the applicants did not have a clear understanding of all the opportunities to serve with AmeriCorps and Senior Corps.

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