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COVID-19 Update: Helping the Nation Today, Ready to Help Tomorrow

As communities face the challenges posed by COVID-19, AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors programs across the country have acted quickly and creatively to continue their critical work in new ways or to pivot to meet emerging needs. Nationwide, our volunteers are playing an important role in disaster response, promoting food security and economic opportunity, and strengthening education.

Your generous donation will support important work in the following areas:

AmeriCorps’ General Fund
When you contribute to the AmeriCorps’ General Fund, we will direct your support where it is needed to assist in furthering the mission and goals of the agency.

AmeriCorps members address critical community needs by teaching, mentoring and tutoring kids, rebuilding after disaster, helping veterans and their families, restoring natural habitats, supporting healthy communities, alleviating poverty, and more.

AmeriCorps Seniors
AmeriCorps Seniors mobilizes Americans 55 and up who share their time, wisdom, and talents to reach out to other seniors in need, mentor and tutor youth, and help communities overcome a variety of challenges.

Disaster Services
When disaster strikes, AmeriCorps coordinates volunteers across the country to assist with repair and recovery efforts.

Donate Now

For instructions on how to make a payment to AmeriCorps, see here. If you have questions, please email

Please note that AmeriCorps does not solicit or accept donations from individuals or organizations who are seeking official action from, or are seeking to do business with the agency or its programs, such as applying for a grant, cooperative agreement or contract, or who have a current, on-going business relationship, such as contractors, VISTA sponsoring organizations, NCCC project sponsors, grantees, or lobbying organizations. Donations may not be accepted from AmeriCorps members or AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers  who are currently serving or from immediate family of currently serving members or volunteers. This prohibition does not apply to Federal employees or to program alumni. In addition, AmeriCorps will not solicit or accept donations from companies that directly manufacture alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or firearms.


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