Boston After School and Beyond

Contact Information

89 South St
Ste 601
Boston, MA 02111 - 2747
(617) 345-5322 110
Nonprofit Capacity Building Program 2011

Executive Summary

Our nation has been issued the challenge of preparing the next generation of citizens with the skills and experience necessary for competing successfully in the global economy. Educating our youth about science and the environment is critical in this endeavor. In Boston, Massachusetts, the Boston Youth Environmental Network (BYEN) is not only elevating that discussion, it is elevating the actual execution of science and environmental education opportunities for the city's urban youth. Created by Boston After School & Beyond in 2006, BYEN as a network is promoting new levels of partnership and collaboration among area institutions dedicated to providing Boston's urban youth with access to meaningful, hands-on science learning in the classroom, as well as exploration of "green jobs" throughout the year and especially in summer. As an intermediary, BYEN is providing a valuable coordinating function helping to build the capacity of these nonprofits to better achieve their respective missions and in the end, is leading to measurable impacts in the fields of education and environment.

Lead Intermediary: Boston After School & Beyond, Boston, MA

Proposal Summary

By (1) convening a broad spectrum of stakeholders, (2) connecting them to each other in service to youth, (3) sustaining these connections through comprehensive programs that leverage individual organizational strengths, and (4) consistently measuring and evaluating program impacts, BYEN is transforming the way that nonprofits tackle persistent social issues. Over the next two years, BYEN will employ Organizational Capacity Assessment tools and Collaborative Impact Evaluation methods to deepen our understanding, and document the impact, of the network and our capacity building efforts.

Geographic area: Boston, MA

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