American Red Cross Los Angeles Region

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11355 Ohio Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025 - 3266
(310) 447-2812
Nonprofit Capacity Building Program 2011

Executive Summary


American Red Cross Los Angeles Region

Summary Information:

The American Red Cross Los Angeles Region (ARCLA) will work with and build the performance management and evaluation capacity of nonprofit organizations that have Disaster Preparedness and/or Response as a partial or dedicated mission. Will serve an integral piece of ARCLA's new 3 year campaign to "Prepare LA", but will be also tracked as a distinct grouping of activities in order to fully evaluate and report on both the financial and programmatic aspects of the project itself.

Los Angeles County is the most populous County in the nation, with over 10M documented residents. The area is also extremely disaster-prone, with natural hazards such as wildfires, flooding and mudslides. The area is at extreme risk for a major earthquake, which USGA scientists predict (with 99% certainty) will occur within the next 30 years.

Prepare LA seeks to integrate disaster preparedness throughout the community, involving government, organizations, communities and individuals. Organizationally, the role of non-profits in disaster preparedness, response and recovery has grown greatly. At the same time, the role of volunteers and volunteerism in disaster services has also exponentially increased. These two key areas of resources are targeted for enhancement by this proposal.

Lead Intermediary: American Red Cross Los Angeles Region, headquarters located in West Los Angeles.

ENLA: Recognized VOAD for LA County, headquarters in Los Angeles.

Volunteer Centers of Los Angeles County: 5 centers distributed throughout L.A. County, providing recruitment, intake, training and placement for volunteers.

Additional non-profits will benefit through their association with ENLA as a result of the capacity development of that organization. ENLA currently has nearly 50 non-profit member organizations, and that number would increase as a result of this project.

Grant amount requested: $400,000

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