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AmeriCorps National Planning Grant FY 2011

Executive Summary

Graduated Success--Nurturing the Next Generation of Learners

On behalf of the 13 Western states, the University of Arizona 4-H program is applying for a one --year planning grant of approximately $47,000 to address 3 focus areas from the new CNCS strategic plan--

* Education

* Healthy futures

* Veterans support

During this planning period, facilitated by 2 planning meetings, we will develop the leadership structure, job descriptions, member selection criteria, site selection criteria, objectives and performance measures, support systems and reporting processes for AmeriCorps members working on projects that will support these three strategic goals. AmeriCorps members will be recruiting and engaging at-risk youth in rural communities in 4-H projects and programs focused on (1) workforce preparation, (2) Science, Technology, Engineering & applied Mathematics (STEM); (3) health living; and (4) service learning. The planning period will lay the foundation for a successful program to be implemented the following year.

The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension will serve as the fiscal agent and provide overall programmatic leadership to the project. During the planning grant, each individual state will be tasked with developing on-site orientation plans, job descriptions, mid-year reviews, exit interview protocols and quarterly report procedures to align with the overall project goals and objectives.

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