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Browning, MT 59417 - 2334
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AmeriCorps Indian Tribes FY 2011 (New)

Executive Summary


AmeriCorps National Grant Proposal


PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The project will focus on planning a successful project for a future Opportunity grant. The program will be staffed by a Project Coordinator, who is responsible for planning activities for the Ameri-Corp Grant, assessing volunteer strengths, and collecting statistical data. The Coordinator will work closely with Blackfeet Housing and other community service organizations to determine which areas of the community would benefit from having AmeriCorp volunteers. An Assistant will be hired to carry out office duties as required.

The planning grant will allow the Blackfeet Tribe and Blackfeet Housing to do the following:

* Contract necessary consultants to assist with the planning process and identify projects.

* Compile community needs-related information to assist with designing the program.

* Complete an organizational/community needs assessment.

* Develop community partnerships to help support the AmeriCorps Project

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