Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security

Contact Information

510 Grumman Rd W
Bethpage, NY 11714 - 3631
(516) 390-5201
AmeriCorps National Direct FY 2012

Executive Summary

The Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security's (ASFHS) multi-state grant application for the AmeriCorps program through The Corporation for National Community Service. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission it is to help protect the United States from man-made and natural disasters by: (1) bringing together the public and private sectors and academia to develop and commercialize resilient and sustainable homeland security products and services; (2) providing a state-of-art command and control center for government entities; and, (3) offering the most up-to-date training and exercise programs for first responders and other homeland security end-users. The facility supports numerous Federal, state and local government agencies and fully houses Nassau County's Office of Emergency Management. In addition, the Foundation has its own emergency operations center and is capable of transforming the lecture hall into a 30,000 square foot Joint Field Office in the event of a regional catastrophic event.

The Foundation's critical functions:

(1) Economic development:

* Hi-Tech firms have established offices within the Foundation, such as Balfour Technologies, Inc., Globecomm, Northrop Grumman, Applied Visions, Inc., CCSI, SiCore, Retlif Testing

Laboratories, GEO-command, Strategic Planning Partners, AFCO Systems, Impact, and ATK

* Twenty Academic institutions that either reside in or involved with the Foundations include the State University of New York (SUNY) Stony Brook, St. John's University, John Jay

College, Adelphi University, University of Delaware Disaster Research Center, and SUNY

Albany Center for Technology in Government

* Residence of the Long Island Forum for Technology (a not for profit, economic development


(2) Research: Joint research projects among resident research tenants, academic institutions, corporate affiliates, and guided by First Responder organizations, to develop sustainable and resilient homeland security solutions;

(3) Education: To provide homeland security education, training, and exercise programs for corporate firms, non-profit, as well as First Responder organizations. The foundation has conducted free public awareness program such as hurricane preparedness and precautions and mitigation strategies towards disease outbreaks. We are now developing certificate programs for human resource specialists, attorneys, and insurance brokers, orientated towards legal issues, case studies of emergencies and disasters

(4) Public Safety:

* Through the culmination of the above functions and the Foundation's C4I facility offers: dry research testing labs; malleable lecture hall 343; ready available Joint Field Office and/or emergency operation center (EOC); and a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities)

* Resident responder agency's onsite EOC; expands the capacity to expand to a regional command and control facility. Resident Agencies include: Nassau County Office of Emergency Management; FBI; US Coast Guard; NY State Office of Homeland Security; Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Police Department, Nassau County Police Department, Nassau County Executive. The Foundation is currently discussing residence with other First Responder organizations to house their Offices of Emergency Management.

Our program will have a focus on disaster preparedness through providing disaster services to our community. We will serve the NY and NJ region and ASFHS has coordinated with the State Commissions for both states in regard to our proposed disaster services program. Our program will recruit, train, and conduct exercises with a minimum of 300 AmeriCorps members on an annual basis for each of the three years of the project period and will be expanding our current education and trainings now provided to first responders in the areas of disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation to community leaders and volunteers.

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