Board of Trustees of Western Illinois University

Contact Information

Western Il University,
1 University Circle, Currens Hall 503
Macomb, IL 61455 - 1367
(309) 762-8090
Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2013

Executive Summary

From August 1, 2013 through July 31, 2016 Western Illinois University -Quad Cities (WIU-Quad Cities), branch campus of Western Illinois University, will lead 23 partner organizations and 155 AmeriCorps members (55 half-time, 55 quarter-time, and 50 minimum time AmeriCorps members) in supporting the Quad Cities community goal of increasing high school graduation rates by 5% over a 10-year period. AmeriCorps members will provide local elementary and secondary (K-12) students with tutoring, mentoring, and after school programs designed to improve academic motivation and achievement as measured by improved school attendance, academic achievement, and retention/graduation rates. The immediate and long-term benefit to the Quad Cities is more college ready students. A large high school drop out rate caused lower educational attainment levels and median incomes than regional and national comparisons. The University requests $699,877 from CNCS and will commit $258,720 to the project to maximize shared resources for personnel, equipment, and other expenses. The mutually beneficial partnership between CNCS and WIU-Quad Cities provides a sustainable foundation for long-term commitments to service and volunteerism in the Quad Cities.

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