Alaska National Guard Family Program

Contact Information

Army Guard Road
Bldg 49000
Anchorage, AK 99505 - 0800
(907) 428-6680
Commission AmeriCorps State Fixed Amount Grants FY 2013

Executive Summary

In Partnership with the Alaska Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs and the Alaska National Guard State Family Program, four AmeriCorps Members, also known as Joining Community Forces AmeriCorps (JCFA) will help to integrate the Joining Community Forces (JCF) program in Alaska. The goal of the JCF program is to provide the prescribed outreach to the community of veterans, military and families throughout Alaska in an effort to foster a sustainable network of support. This effort will involve AmeriCorps Members making face-to-face outreach and contact with veterans. Upon contact members will assist identified veterans with filling out the necessary VA paperwork as well as identify their concerns/shortfalls with acquiring quality services. During the first year our goal is to make contact with 2500 veterans and validate at least 500 of them for veteran services through formal registration. Additionally, we plan to have formalized the "Alaska Coalition of Joining Community Forces" (ACJCF) with at least one hundred active community stakeholders through community outreach and presentations at statewide venues. This AmeriCorps program will incorporate the Corporation for National and Community Service's (CNCS) focus area of veterans and families. The CNCS investment of $49,400 is the requested amount for this grant in its initial year. We anticipate commencing our program NLT 1 September 2013 ending our first year on 31 August 2014. This program is possible through the support of Alaska's Governor Sean Parnell, and the Municipality of Anchorage's Mayor, Dan Sullivan.

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