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RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

LEGAL APPLICANT (sponsor organization): Black Hills State University

An estimated 400 RSVP volunteers will serve at approximately 75 stations such as Food Banks, Schools, Nutrition Sites and Senior Centers. RSVP Volunteers will serve children, frail elderly, homeless, veterans and poverty level citizens who are in need for food assistance, independent living assistance or educational assistance. Volunteers will also serve other nonprofit agencies through capacity building.

Black Hills State University (BHSU) currently sponsors an RSVP office on campus that covers 8 counties which surround these 2 proposed counties. It is inefficient and inconvenient to drive through or around these two counties to accommodate the current project. It would be more consistent and easier for volunteers if one sponsor would oversee the region rather than having two completely separate sponsors. Thus, the transition for volunteers and stations would be very minimal.

The primary focus area of this project is Healthy Futures. RSVP volunteers will serve at food banks, commodities distribution centers, the homeless shelter and the Red Cross to provide emergency food assistance by collecting, distributing, sorting, stocking and recording food donations as well as assist clients. At the end of the performance period, 50 RSVP volunteers will have served in Measure H10; number of individuals receiving emergency food from food banks, food pantries or other nonprofit organizations. This will be monitored and data will be provided to demonstrate the outcome of increased food security for those individuals. Likewise, another 150 volunteers will serve in this focus area in Measure H8; number of homebound or order adults and individuals with disabilities receiving food, transportation, or other services that allow them to live independently.

The CNCS federal investment of $45,301 will be supplemented by $35,000 of non-federal resources.

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