Andrew County Ministries

Contact Information

PO Box 7
101 S 4th St
Savannah, MO 64485 - 0007
(816) 324-5634
RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

The legal name of the sponsoring agency of Andrew County RSVP is Andrew County Ministries, Inc. This is a ministerial alliance made up of all churches in Andrew County, Missouri. The mission of Andrew County Ministries, Inc. is to take care of the less fortunate of Andrew County.

There are 190 registered volunteers.

We are requesting $30,438.00.

The main industry in Andrew County is agricultural. The weather plays a huge part in the success of the agricultural community. Andrew County RSVP partners with various 501C3 groups of the county to help them maintain a quality program with quality volunteers without the hardship of payroll expenses.

Tracking the impact of the volunteering efforts of the Andrew county RSVP volunteers is done in a variety of ways. The ways can be, but not limited to, work station reports, client surveys, actual counting of dollars saved clients by the Medicare help program and the volunteer tax assistance program.

Andrew County RSVP volunteers will address healthy futures in both the elderly and the children of Andrew County Missouri. this will be done by placing volunteers in the Andrew County Senior Center, by providing delivery people for home delivered meals, staffing the Back Pack Buddy program for underfed children and staffing the Andrew County food pantry. Andrew County RSVP has volunteers who provide transportation for medical appointments, who provide daily well being phone calls, who assist with Medicare issues and provide a tax filing service.

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