Blacksmith Multimedia, Inc/WABS

Contact Information

6608 Concord Mews
PO Box 201451
Montgomery, AL 36116 - 5293
(334) 286-1771
Training and Technical Assistance Regional Training Conferences 2013

Executive Summary

1. Executive Summary

The Company

WABS Public Broadcasting is a Montgomery, Alabama based not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) public radio station that will provide educational programming services to the Montgomery metropolitan area of Alabama. Its affiliation to National Public Radio (NPR) will enable it to broadcast NPR programs as well as its own brand of local educational and cultural programming and community news. WABS Public Broadcasting's target market is the Montgomery metropolitan area which, according to Arbriton Radio Market Rankings is currently ranked 153 nationwide with a listening population of 298,400. WABS Public Broadcasting's proposed location at 1225 Madison Avenue, Montgomery is a part of the Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community Initiative. The initiative is an interagency effort focused on the creation of self-sustaining, long-term development in distressed rural and urban areas throughout the nation.

The Company's Mission

WABS Public Broadcasting's goal is to provide the community with radio programming that challenges, enriches, informs, educates and entertains while reflecting cultural and intellectual diversity. The company's location within the Empowerment Zone reinforces its commitment to improving the economic outlook of the local community and enriching the lives of its listeners.


WABS Public Broadcasting will operate as a 24 hour full service educational public radio station that will broadcast an array of popular NPR programs as well as its own news and educational programs that will be community based. It will also provide scholarships to local students who wish to pursue a career in communication and services broadcasting by offering hands-on training courses from industry professionals.

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