All Hands Volunteer

Contact Information

6 County Rd
Ste 6
Mattapoisett, MA 02739 - 1585
(508) 758-8211
AmeriCorps National Direct FY 2014

Executive Summary

All Hands Volunteers will have 15 AmeriCorps members ("Members") who will provide disaster response and recovery services through a program which we will call "All Hands AmeriCorps." 5 of the Members will be based in Kentucky, where their primary activities will be in disaster response services. 10 of the Members will be based in New York, where their primary activities will be in disaster recovery services, namely, repairing houses damaged by Hurricane Sandy. All Members will receive training in both disaster response and recovery. At the end of the 1st program year, Members will be responsible for helping 1,400 survivors of natural disaster by clearing debris and providing other disaster response services. Members also will be responsible for providing disaster recovery housing services to 100 families in the Rockaways and on Staten Island. In addition, the Members will leverage an additional 19,560 volunteers: 4,200 for disaster response, 15,360 for disaster recovery (measured in volunteer days). This program will focus on the CNCS focus area of Disaster Services. The CNCS investment of $195,000 will be matched with $217,525 in private funding.

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