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Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success FY 2014

Executive Summary

Increasingly, discussions are occurring among nonprofit agencies about the changing landscape of funding that supports community and human services work. Some sources recommend a cautious approach; others endorse a more accelerated pace but, certainly, both perspectives require informed decision-making.

Through the CNCS's Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success (PFS) grant opportunity, Aloha United Way (AUW) proposes to contribute to the collection of information about Pay for Success financing by providing Technical Assistance to Assess Feasibility and Develop PFS Capacity in Hawaii. Aloha United Way will do this by assisting sub-recipient nonprofit agencies in assessing community conditions and current services, developing appropriate measures, and supporting the scaling of evidenced-based, innovative solutions.

In particular, AUW will focus on nonprofit agencies who provide services in the area of economic opportunity and, specifically, in the sub-areas of financial literacy, workforce development, and homelessness. The community conditions in Hawaii support the identification of effective, well-supported solutions because of the state's high rates of homelessness and poverty, especially among the Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander populations.

Ten objectives will be achieved in this project that speak to three main goals: ready local nonprofit agencies now and for future PFS financing; increase the knowledge and consideration of PFS financing in the state and the country; and contribute to the broader discussion of PFS across different sectors as a means of supporting communities.

Additionally, Aloha United Way believes that, for PFS financing to be successful, nonprofit agencies must be readied now to attract private and public funders by diminishing the risk of investment. Through this grant, AUW will seek to demonstrate how nonprofit agencies can reassure funders, through meaningful data, that their services provide effective and efficient community solutions, and how their work benefits, not only the community, but the funder as well.

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