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Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success FY 2014

Executive Summary

The American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) has represented the nation's state and local public human service leaders since 1930. APHSA has consistently led the field in developing sound national policy solutions, facilitating effective practices for its members, and securing sustainable outcomes for low-income individuals, families, and communities. In 2011, APHSA introduced its member-driven Pathways initiative, which calls for human service program integration and alignment; cost-effective, modern business practices and customer interfaces; accountability for results that matter; maximum use of data analytics and evidence; strong partnerships and shared governance across sectors; a vigorous program of innovations; and long-term, positive impacts for those we served. These priorities support APHSA's three association goals -- to influence, build, and connect -- as we work with and through our members to transform the human service system.

The issue of alternative financing is of particular concern. With public funding stagnant at best while system demand and expectations for accountability continue to rise, traditional financing models alone are no longer adequate. Experience to date with Pay for Success (PFS) interventions shows there is great potential for outside investors to bring significant new support to advance proven practices in many critical areas of human services. PFS funding is driving the development and testing of innovative solutions that focus on achieving better, sustainable outcomes. Accordingly, APHSA believes that vigorous testing and application of PFS must be a central focus of our transformation agenda.

APHSA brings a distinctive set of capabilities to the Corporation for National and Community Service's Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success Grants offering its unique capacity to convene, disseminate knowledge, and offer Technical Assistance to all the Grantees and Sub-Recipients contemplated in this grant-making. Our overarching focus and comprehensive understanding of human service programs, governance issues, and finances coupled with a clear vision for transforming the field will allow us to sit astride all the work contemplated under this offering and to bring to all those involved an opportunity for mutual understanding, support, and learning. These proposed activities will in turn significantly expand the use and impacts of PFS, advance innovation in the field, and contribute to sustainable and positive outcomes for those we serve.

APHSA's application is a comprehensive and particularly appropriate proposal to Provide TA to Assess Feasibility to this offering's Grantees and Sub-Recipients. This proposal builds on our strengths of close relationships and knowledge of our member agencies; deep understanding of the programs we administer and their interactions and impacts; strong practical application of implementation science to increase the likelihood of success in a change management/organizational effectiveness strategy; and a visionary commitment to innovative improvements in policy, practice, and financing. The expert Leadership Team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on PFS and organizational effectiveness, and using these distinctive capabilities, APHSA will convene all stakeholders in the CNCS grant process for planning, consultation, and support; facilitate peer-to-peer learning among the Sub-Recipients through application of APHSA's proprietary continuous improvement and system change methodology and expert PFS technical assistance; and accomplish knowledge management and dissemination through a broad range of communication outlets and interactive opportunities.

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