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RSVP 2014 Competition

Executive Summary

The Primary Focus area of RSVP of Monroe County, MI is Healthy Futures. An estimated 350 RSVP volunteers will serve. This program is sponsored by Bedford Public Schools, whose Vision and Mission states that they are "committed to providing comprehensive educational opportunities that develop productive and responsible citizens in a changing world". RSVP is a part of Bedford School System Community Education program, which offers programs ranging from pre-school to senior citizens. One of the service activities involving RSVP volunteers will be training to prevent Elder Abuse. In 2012 Michigan Legislation on Elder Abuse was updated. This encouraged a campaign to be launched in 2013 "No Excuse for Elder Abuse". RSVP has partnered with the Elder Justice Task Force in Monroe County to educate the seniors. Based on the reports from the Prosecutor's Office, Monroe County seniors continue to be victimized by various degrees of elder abuse. Knowledge can be the key to the prevention of elder abuse. Formal training will be presented annually. Sixty-five volunteers along with other community members will receive this elder abuse prevention training. Another service activity that utilizes Monroe County RSVP volunteers is the Meals on Wheels (Food Delivery) program. The focus here is to make sure that seniors who are shut-in are provided with a nutritious meal daily. RSVP volunteers deliver meals and are the eyes and ears that are needed to ensure that these clients stay safe and independent in their own home. This goal is to support 30 volunteers reaching 250 individuals receiving independent living services in the Meals on Wheels program. These goals will be reached within the three-year grant period. Food pantries and commodities are also an important part of a nutrition program. In this three-year grant period 20 RSVP volunteers will serve 300 families in the commodities program. RSVP volunteers in Monroe County will participate in transportation, outreach and visitation programs that are geared to assist caregivers as well as provide socialization opportunities for both the clients and the caregivers.

Surveys will be used as one of the researched-based methods to address these community needs.

The Corporation of National & Community Service (CNCS) investment of $88,942 will be supplemented with $24,771 from Office of Services to the Aging (OSA), $41,565 provided by the Monroe County Commission On Aging (COA) and $11,581 from Donations/Fundraisers.

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