Anoka County Community Social Services

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2100 Third Ave.
Government Center Ste 500
Anoka, MN 55303 - 5049
(763) 422-7090
RSVP 2014 Competition

Executive Summary

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) began as a national program in 1971. Anoka County has sponsored RSVP since 1973, valuing citizen participation in responding to local needs and partnering for solutions. Anoka County RSVP started with 53 volunteers and has 418 volunteers. In these challenging times, Anoka County recognizes the resources of older volunteers and as a sponsor continues to support RSVP in connecting volunteer assets to meaningful service. Anoka County RSVP [AC RSVP] links volunteers to meaningful opportunities which meet the CNCS focus areas and community needs.

An estimated 340 Anoka County RSVP [AC RSVP] unduplicated volunteers will serve their community in the following activities (but not limited to): provide respite/companionship, transportation for seniors and veterans to medical appointments, assist at 4 local food shelves, deliver meals, provide free tax assistance, Adult Basic Education tutors, GED/ESL tutors, job training, health insurance counseling, assist at 2 transitional homeless shelters, and much more. The primary focus area of this project is healthy futures. AC RSVP projects that 167 volunteers will serve beneficiaries in a wide range of healthy futures activities benefitting the community. At the end of the three-year grant, 91 of volunteers will serve 640 of clients, of which 90 individuals will report an increase in social supports in their community. 67 RSVP volunteers will serve at local food shelves to increase clients' food security, as well as 3 RSVP volunteers assisting beneficiaries in access to care through health insurance counseling. 6 RSVP volunteers will deliver meals to clients increasing their social ties and help them remain living independently within the community. The secondary focus will be economic opportunity, where 59 volunteers will serve in activities to increase access to housing, employment, and increase financial literacy. Last year, 295 veterans and military families were served through healthy futures and economic opportunity activities. Anoka County RSVP will continue to explore ways to increase partnerships with local VFW's, auxillaries, and Anoka County Veteran's services to increase services to veterans and military families.

The annual CNCS federal investment of $30,189.00 will be supplemented by Anoka County (local) in the amount of $110,472.00 and also the MN Board on Aging (State) in the amount of $12,509.00 for a total of $122,981.00 in non-federal resources. The cumulative CNCS federal investment of $90,567.00 will be supplemented by Anoka County (local) in the amount of $331,416.00, and the MN board on Aging (State) in the amount of $37,527.00 in non-federal resources.

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