Blackstone Valley Community Action Program

Contact Information

32 Goff Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02860 - 2928
(401) 723-4520 275
RSVP 2014 Competition

Executive Summary

The Blackstone Valley Community Action Program (BVCAP), Inc. is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to assist socially and economically disadvantaged individuals to become self-reliant, responsible citizens. Founded in 1965, BVCAP services the Blackstone Valley area of Northern Rhode Island. The agency provides support and resources to Rhode Island's most distressed communities. As an RSVP grant applicant, BVCAP proposes a total number of 480 RSVP volunteers and respectfully requests $75,965 in funds. BVCAP RSVP volunteers will provide service activities that promote wellbeing by directly addressing community needs across categories of Healthy Futures, Environmental Stewardship and Veteran services. BVCAP anticipates positive and measurable outcomes for the Northern Rhode Island community, including increased social support and improved food security for individuals and families. The services rendered through the proposed BVCAP RSVP programs directly align with BVCAP's mission and the values of the RSVP grant program, as the programs help empower and positively impact the wellbeing of individuals and families facing poverty, mal-nutrition, and limited access to services.

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