Alliance for Education

Contact Information

509 Olive Way
Ste 500
Seattle, WA 98101 - 2556
(206) 205-0342
FY 2015 AmeriCorps State Commission

Executive Summary

The Alliance for Education through our program the SEATTLE TEACHER RESIDENCY (STR) proposes to have 40 qualified AmeriCorps Members engaged in a year of highly structured classroom service and rigorous teacher preparation. The proposed STR-AmeriCorps partnership will advance STR's objective of improving the quality of teaching in Seattle Public Schools (SPS) and, over time, increasing student achievement in high-need elementary schools. The proposed "co-enrollment" partnership will also enable STR to increase program capacity by 25% (from 32 to 40 Members) in the 2015-16 school year and build even more capacity in subsequent years.

At the end of the first program year, the AmeriCorps Members will be responsible for collaborating with their supervising teachers (aka, "Mentors") and demonstrating sound instructional practices. The Members who complete their service & preparation year successfully will be qualified to apply for Washington state teaching certificates and will receive priority consideration for teacher vacancies at SPS. In addition, AmeriCorps members will leverage an additional 40 elementary students and/or school staff who will participate in civic engagement and service events for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the National Day of Service and Remembrance, and other civic engagement activities. This program will focus on the CNCS focus area of Education. The CNCS investment of $396,974 will be matched with $878,272 comprised of $646,600 in public funding and $231,672 in private funding.

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