Aurora Township Youth Services

Contact Information

313 Gale Street
Aurora, IL 60506 - 5014
(630) 859-7501 104
FY 2015 Youth Opportunity AmeriCorps Single-State Direct

Executive Summary


Aurora Township Youth Services (ATYS) proposed to have a total number of one (1) AmeriCorps member, including fifty(50) disconnected youth who will participate in a six month or longer job readiness, academic enhancement, mentoring program, located at Aurora Township Youth Service Center 313 Gale Street, Aurora, IL 60506. At the end of the first program year, the AmeriCorps member will be responsible for creating a volunteer and mentoring recruitment program, mentoring plan of action, recruitment efforts, develop a data collection tracking system. The AmeriCorps member will also develop relationships in the community with educational institutions, businesses, and faith-based organizations. Disconnected youth outcomes will include job placement, educational obtainment, job readiness, return to school programs or completion of GED. Community Outcomes will be a reduction in violent crimes, less youth arrests, more youth employed or returning to school, and also more youth engaged in positive activities at ATYS. In addition, the AmeriCorps member will leverage an additional 25-50 volunteers, who will be engaged in mentoring.

The ATYS Youth Opportunity Program will focus on the CNCS focus area of Economic Opportunity. The CNCS investment of $107,093.00 will be matched with $50,246.00 in private funding in public funding from Dunham Fund, Rotary, Kiwanis, and Aurora Township Senior & Youth Foundation.

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