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155 E Lancaster Ave
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Wayne, PA 19087 - 3525
(610) 293-0299
FY 2015 AmeriCorps National Direct

Executive Summary

Through the paradigm-shifting example of the B Corps Fellows, in twenty years, 100,000 young Americans will engage in a year of public service through private enterprise, as many as serve in AmeriCorps today through public and nonprofit organizations.

The vision of the B Corps Fellows Program is that one day all companies will measure and manage their impact on society with the same rigor as they manage their profitability. B Corps Fellows are trained business students (both MBA and undergrad) and professionals that will assist small businesses in measuring and managing the positive impact of their business on American communities and workers.

Importantly, we are not looking to CNCS as primary funder, but think association with this community of service will be a critical driver and inspiration. In the first year we are requesting only $48,000 (funding towards living stipends for 6 traditional members, as well as 6 Professional Corps member slots) out of a $2mm operating budget. By contributing less than three percent of the overall budget, CNCS can create huge leverage to pilot the first AmeriCorps program for the impact economy. This can expand the scope and reach of national service to include harnessing the power of business to improve the quality of life in American communities and the quality of jobs available to American workers.

Through their Fellowship, these future business leaders will not only help companies improve their impact on American workers and communities, but also launch their careers in impact-driven business and inspire hundreds of thousands of their fellow students to demand a career where they can make money and make a difference. Over time this will move us towards an economy where all companies across the country compete not only to be best in America, but best for America.

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