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FY 2015 AmeriCorps National Direct

Executive Summary

The Autism Society of America's AMERICORP Program will provide 8 Americore volunteers an opportunity to help thousands of individuals living with autism advance their educational efforts as well as economic well being. Working at 8 local or state Autism Society affiliates of the Autism Society of America, the volunteers will be provided with quality supervision and afforded the opportunity to help the community they work in have higher levels of educational advancement for students with autism as well as advance the economic quality of life for individuals with autism in their community. With close to 50% of all students with autism not graduating college and much less seeking post secondary education, the need is significant for an individual to help work with parents, individuals with autism and schools so that they can best achieve a quality high school diploma and for those wanting, seeking secondary opportunities. Unfortunately, few in a community are working on such an effort outside of the Autism Society. And with over 70% of adults living with autism not working or being highly under-employed and as many if not more living on an income below the poverty level, the need for quality and living wage paid employment for adults living with autism is a major need. Working with local businesses, vocational training, and high schools, the volunteers will help create meaningful opportunities for individuals living with autism to secure and maintain employment thus providing greater economic freedom and choice for each such person.

While all eligible individuals will be encouraged to apply for the volunteer positions, the Autism Society will also give preference to individuals living with autism and/or other disabilities to full the volunteer positions. This would allow others to see that each person living with autism or any disability is qualified to work in a skilled position for the betterment of the community.

The results of the work of the volunteers will be used to advance other similar efforts within the Autism Society network of 104 affiliates enabling replication and advancement of the outcomes achieved thru this program. The key outcomes for this program will be increases in educational advancement and successful high school graduation beyond what it is today, increase in the number of individuals living with autism going onto secondary educational efforts, increases in the number of individuals working in jobs commensurate with their skill level and increased economic opportunities, related to work related income for such individuals as demonstrated by increased quality of life opportunities such as independence, self sufficiency, socialization, etc.

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