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FY 2015 RSVP Competition

Executive Summary

Over half of the current 450 RSVP volunteers will provide services that meet the needs of a large and growing population of seniors and persons with disabilities in Nevada County, California. The goal of their activities is to increase seniors' ability to remain independent in the community, aging in place, maintaining their quality of life for as long as possible. Senior volunteers understand these needs.

Nevada County is home to a large number of seniors. Seniors 65 to 74 numbered 10, 730 in 2010.This number is expected to increase to 17, 280 by 2020, a 61% increase. Current figures indicate that 29% of the total population here is 60+. Seniors regularly identify isolation, transportation and loneliness as significant unmet needs and critical to their ability to remain independent and as functional as possible. Increases in demand for services for seniors can be easily predicted. Area 4 Agency on Aging and RSVP will continue to respond to these critical community needs.

The Primary Focus Area to be addressed is Healthy Futures where a total of 74 unduplicated volunteers will serve. 22% of the unduplicated volunteers will be serving in activities that result in the H9 outcome -- Number of homebound or older adults and individuals with disabilities who reported having increased social ties or perceived social support. Volunteer activities will include food delivery, access to care, and companionship. At the end of the three-year grant, a minimum of 115 seniors will report positive social ties and feeling that support is available helping them to remain physically and mentally healthy.

Again, in the Primary Focus Area of Healthy Futures, another 60 unduplicated RSVP volunteers will serve in programs that address the issues of food insecurity and obesity and access to care. Volunteers will serve at two food banks in Nevada County, distributing food to families, creating and maintaining community gardens for fresh produce and assisting food bank staff in developing menus and educational materials to promote proper nutrition and life skills to alleviate the food insecurity among those they serve. Activities for increasing access to care include volunteers providing information on health insurance, primarily HICAP volunteers and staffing the Senior Information and Assistance HelpLine to provide callers with information on accessing health care programs and health benefit programs. Output targets for H11,H2,H4 are 7,050. The CNCS federal investment of $68,275. will be supplemented by $37,639 of non-federal resources.

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