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FY 2015 RSVP Competition

Executive Summary

Within the Humboldt/Del Norte RSVP, many changes have taken place as a result of the new Performance Measures for the Corporation for National and Community Service. Longtime volunteers have been graduated from traditional volunteer stations such as hospitals, thrift stores, and congregate meal programs. Many new Volunteers have been recruited and will continue to be recruited as the Humboldt/Del Norte RSVP shifts their primary focus area to Environmental Stewardship.

The goal of this RSVP is to maintain an average 323 RSVP volunteers to serve our local communities. Some of their activities will include improving public land, creating and improving trails, and collecting and recycling waste materials, as well as providing access for seniors and veterans to medical appointments, and promoting food security and good nutrition in the community.

Because of the uniqueness of the geographic region, Environmental Stewardship is a growing volunteer opportunity. A multitude of parks, forests, waterways and wetlands provide sanctuary for birds and wildlife. Preservation and sustainable use of this natural habitat are key to protecting the local economy as well. Tourism, recreation, fishing, agriculture and timber harvesting are all part of the local landscape.

At the end of the 3-year grant, at least 25% of all Humboldt/Del Norte RSVP volunteers will be improving at-risk ecosystems and promoting behavioral change regarding waste management. With the acquisition by Humboldt County of 7550 acres of forested land to be converted into a county park, the numbers of trail building RSVP volunteers is expected to double.

The CNCS Federal Investment of $90, 122 will be supplemented by $40,032 of diverse non-federal sources, including in-kind contributions.

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