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Executive Summary

Part 1-section A Our Sponsor :The South Georgia Partnership to End Homelessness, Inc is a non-profit 501 ? 3 entity with the mission of ending the causes of homelessness. By working with federal, state, local, and private organizations, South Georgia Partnership to End Homelessness (SGPEH) is able to provide services and support to poverty-stricken and other disadvantaged individuals.

Since its inception in 1995, the South Georgia Partnership to End Homelessness (SGPEH) has worked in and around the Lowndes County area to prevent and end homelessness. Based in Valdosta, Georgia, the Partnership serves the 18 counties of the Department of Community Affairs Region 11 which includes: Atkinson, Bacon, Ben Hill, Berrien, Brantley, Brooks, Charlton, Clinch, Coffee, Cook, Echols, Irwin, Lanier, Lowndes, Pierce, Tift, Turner, and Ware Counties. The Partnership is made up of members of the community from diverse backgrounds and representatives of agencies serving the homeless and near-homeless population. By locating available resources and funding for impoverished individuals, SGPEH is able to provide aid to those in need in this region. As of 2003 the Partnership has brought in over $4.8 million to Lowndes County to fund SGPEH projects as well as other social service organizations in the community. The Partnership is located at the Lowndes County Social Services Center in the Leila Ellis Building, 206 N. Lee Street, Valdosta, GA.

The SGPEH was established in 1995 by a coalition of homeless and homeless prevention providers to strengthen supportive services for homeless and near homeless residents and to develop a network to assist providers. The mission of the SGPEH is to identify and eradicate the problems causing homelessness. In 1999, under a directive of the Georgia Coalition to End Homelessness to expand the functions of the Coalition to include direct services, SGPEH established 211 of South Central Georgia (211SCG), a free information and referral service. Following the successful model of other 211 affiliates, the 211 Volunteer Connection was created to respond to callers seeking to give help through volunteer services and donations. October 2006,Senior Corps programs RSVP/FGP became components of 211 South Central Georgia.

The SGPEH plays a vital role in the lives of seniors within the eighteen counties served. Through collaboration with community based organizations, service and service learning projects; SGPEH organizes and implements the community needs to be addressed by volunteers. SCG/RSVP will serve in 10 rural counties within the SGPEH 11th district. The South Central Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (SCG/RSVP) receive funding to support 120 volunteers in the amount of $34782.00 in these ten counties with a grantee share in the amount of 32538.00

The CNCS Service Categories we will focus on under the Education and Healthy Future work plans are as follows: Mentoring for Educational Success, Healthy Futures, Disaster Response, Food Security, DOL/VETES programs and other.

SCG/RSVP is addressing the following CNCS strategic initiative: "Education" as the primary focus In 2013, SCG/RSVP volunteers became Retired and Senior Volunteers to children under the service categories of Mentoring . The mission of these volunteers are to provide role models for encouragement and motivation as mentors and tutors to at risk youth who are pre-school and elementary school students that need additional support outside of their family and to assist them in reaching their full academic, social, and personal potential. SCG/RSVP volunteers support mentoring, tutoring and encourage disadvantaged students so the students can have success in reaching their full potential. The volunteers will become a positive influence in a student's life. The impact of the SCG/RSVP volunteer on the lives of the students will be that the students' self-esteem and academic performance will increase. Also, in the area of Food Security, we will place emphasis on reducing the obesity rate and/or improving their quality of life by preparing and/or serving nutritious meals while providing brochures on healthy eating, blood pressure checks and literature on maintaining good health.In 2014,GeorgiaCares contacted RSVP to partner with our volunteers in our Healthy Futures component. A partnership was signed to service ten county area. GeorgiaCares will be training our RSVP volunteers to become certified Medicare/Medicaid Info Distributors to homebound patient and their local communities.

The Valdosta/Lowndes Chamber of Commerce conducted a study through their Business Education Support Team (B.E.S.T.) in 1998 due to a lack of a qualified work force. The study showed students graduating lacked basic reading skills, good work ethics and social skills. The study also showed that students must be taught these basic skills at an early age. Another study was done in 2011 by the Chamber's support of school consolidation through a private group formed (CUEE) due to only 56% of the students in the city graduates from high school. As a result, a Parental Involvement Program and Community Partners In Education (CPIE) was formed and is very strong today with over 300 business partners volunteering in all of this regions schools today. Greta Griffith, Project Director for RSVP, serves as a member of CPIE.CPIE volunteers will empower students to stay in school and increase grade level performance as well as being a support system by encouraging students to consider higher education or training options after graduation. With CPIE community involvement, RSVP contact recruitment fairs of volunteers serving and provides actual school assignments for volunteers. Each year, CPIE recognizes our RSVP volunteers at their Annual Citywide Ceremony.

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