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FY 2015 RSVP Competition

Executive Summary

All Peoples Christian Center (APCC) has sponsored RSVP for forty-two years and is applying for continuation of sponsoring the RSVP project (CA-05). We have built a core of partnerships with Department of Aging, Department of Veterans Affairs, police stations, public schools, faith-based congregations, hospitals, and senior centers. An estimated 375 RSVP volunteers will serve within their communities in geographical area of Los Angeles County: City of Los Angeles community of South Los Angeles; the cities of Bell, Bell Gardens, Cudahy, Huntington Park, Lynwood, Maywood, South Gate, and Vernon These communities are home to a disproportionate number of the one-in-six County residents who were living below the poverty line in 2010 (Census Bureau estimates). High unemployment, homelessness, illiteracy, and violence also are disproportionately associated with this area, so the needs of residents are acute and numerous.

Based on community needs All Peoples looks for partnerships and opportunities that fit in with measurable outcomes, allow senior volunteers to give back to their communities, providing active older adults combating unmet community needs and support the role partners play by providing basic services for low income residents. Hunger is a critical community need in the catchment area. Activities the volunteers will address in the nine cities served: they will help at the Los Angeles food bank and its food pantries network: with food collection, food pantry support, bagging and distributing food to about 85,000 unduplicated persons yearly. They will also help an expanding senior population tackle the limitations of aging, fight off the paralysis of isolation by creating a welcoming environment and engagement in free activities, classes and groups. In addition, they will help low-income seniors stretch limited funds by providing extra food. All these activities fall into our primary focus area of Healthy Futures.

Over the three-year grant period APCC will deploy 94 (25%) of RSVP volunteers in the Healthy Futures Primary Focus Area, with activities that have National Performance Measure Outcomes, 113 (30%) assigned to community-wide priorities and the remaining 169 RSVP volunteers will serve in the Capacity Building and/or Other Community Priorities areas. Helping the elderly, military veterans and/or family members by providing resources.

The CNCS federal investment of $ $73,382 will be supplemented by $59,983.

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