Baltimore City Health Department

Contact Information

417 E. Fayette Street, 6th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202 - 3431
(410) 361-9403
FY 2015 RSVP Competition

Executive Summary

The mission of the Baltimore City Health Department is to advocate, lead, and

provide services of the highest quality in order to promote and protect the health

of Baltimore City residents. The number of Volunteers to be supported by this

grant is 383 and the dollar amount requested is $95,763. The service categories

addressed will be Consumer Education, Social Services Planning & Delivery

Systems, Community Organization, Mentoring for Education, Congregant Meals,

Hospital & Clerical Support, Food Security, Physical Disabilities Programs,

Companionship & Outreach, Disaster Preparedness & Response, Senior Center

Programs, and Independent Living. The community needs addressed by RSVP

volunteers will be as follows: assist with teaching employment skills to seniors,

organize out of school activities, provide supportive services in daycare setting,

provide immunization services, food services, and exercises programs for seniors

and the public, provide companionship and outreach to long-term care residents

and seniors, assist veterans and their families with finding support services,

organize out-of-school activities, organize food and clothing drives for low- and

moderate- income residents, support congregant meals, educate seniors on

benefits, provide outreach for emergencies, assist with educational programs,

and provide planning, fundraising, and volunteer management for organizations.

The research-based method used will include surveys from specific groups and

existing data found through research or provided by RSVP volunteer stations.

The projects anticipated outcomes will include youth obtaining service learning

hours required to graduate from high school. Day care recipients will obtain

services to help them remain in the community. Residents will be educated about

the benefits of healthy lifestyles. Residents will have food to eat and clothing to

wear and will save money. Residents will also be immunized and protected

against disease and their overall health will improve. Long-term care residents

and seniors will be afforded opportunities for socialization and interaction, which

will lead to less isolation. Nursing home residents will have their

rights protected problems and / or concerns resolved and quality of life

enhanced. Baltimore City residents will be prepared for emergencies. Finally,

veterans and military families will be impacted by volunteerism, assisted with

getting support services, and organizations will build capacity.

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