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Boone, IA 50036 - 4821
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FY 2015 RSVP Competition

Executive Summary

Boone County (Iowa) Hospital (BCH) is submitting the following application for federal funding to sponsor RSVP of Boone and Greene Counties. An estimated 76 unduplicated RSVP volunteers will serve within the project's primary focus area of Healthy Futures. This represents 50% of the total 152 unduplicated volunteers serving with RSVP. Focus area activities will include Adult Caregiver Respite, In-Home Visitation (companionship), GAP (Grocery Assistance-shopping Program), food security services, and elementary student weekend food program. An estimated 37 unduplicated volunteers or 24% will serve in other Focus Areas of education and disaster providing community residents with disaster preparedness education and students receive reading assistance. Volunteers will also serve in community priorities and Veteran's through our Healthy Futures activities. Populations served may include homebound elder and or disabled, economically disadvantaged children and adults (all individually and or as family unit). This will be accomplished through partnerships of volunteer stations, other community non-profits, hospital, Boone and Greene Counties Veteran's Affairs offices and more. At the end of a three year grant cycle, Priority Focus Area Healthy Futures outputs will report that: caregivers, elderly individuals, and disabled receive independent living services and will increase social ties/perceived social support; individuals receive healthy eating and nutrition education; and individuals (from youth to elderly) and families receive food insecurity services.

The CNCS federal investment of $34,630 will be supplemented by approximately 57.48% non-federal resources. Non-federal resources include, state, city, county, United Way, Community Chest, local grant and foundation funds, fundraising, and the Boone County Courthouse providing office space. In-kind office space includes all janitorial services and supplies, electric and IT support. Phone and computer is networked with courthouse system therefore a lower cost to the RSVP program.

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