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117 S 2nd St
PO Box 497
Augusta, AR 72006 - 2309
(870) 347-3396
FY 2015 RSVP Competition

Executive Summary

ARcare is a private not-for-profit corporation developed in 1986 to meet the primary health needs of all residents in its service area and is the sponsor organization of ARcare RSVP. The mission of ARcare is HEALTH FOR ALL with a focus on customer health, community health, employee health, and organizational health. ARcare has successfully managed CNCS grants for eight years placing volunteers age 55+ in identified stations to meet resident needs and use the skills of the volunteers.

An estimated 142 RSVP volunteers will serve in Jackson, White, and Woodruff Counties in Arkansas by the end of the three year project period. The primary focus area of this project is Healthy Futures and other areas of Disaster and Other Community Needs. According to the USDA, Arkansas seniors rank 1st, Arkansas children rank 7th, and Arkansas as a whole ranks 2nd in the nation for food insecurity. Volunteer activities will include partnering with state and local programs to: 1) provide home-delivered meals and social support to homebound/ older adults or disabled individuals, 2) provide support, services, education, and/or referrals to low-income, unemployed or underemployed individuals and families to alleviate long-term hunger, 3) receive disaster preparedness training, and 4) work in short- term or specific projects to meet other community needs. At the end of the three-year grant period, anticipated outcomes include: 1) the number of individuals receiving home-delivered meals reporting increased social ties/perceived social support allowing them to remain living independently, 2) the number of individuals reporting increased food security of themselves and those of their household due to provided support, services, education, and/or referrals to alleviate long-term hunger, 3) the number of persons participating in disaster preparedness training, and 4) the volunteers met the need of the community activity or project. The CNCS federal investment of $31,112 will be supplemented by $9,465 in-kind provided by the grantee.

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