Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area

Contact Information

8203 SE 7th Ave
Ste 100
Portland, OR 97202 - 6588
(503) 232-0077
FY 2016 AmeriCorps State Commission (New and Continuations)

Executive Summary

Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland (BGCP) proposes to have 27 full-time (FT) and 16 quarter-time (QT) (31.24 MSYs) AmeriCorps (AC) members execute a high impact, evidence-based academic support and mentorship program STEM Connect in 11 organizations across 13 counties in Oregon. Members will serve in the unique capacity-building role of "School-Club Connectors." At the end of the first program year, Connectors will be responsible for increasing academic engagement for 4,300 students ages 5-18 as defined by specific factors including school and Club attendance, grade improvement, and additional data collected from BGCA's National Youth Outcomes Initiatives (NYOI). Connectors will offer academic support including: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum reinforcement; high yield learning activities (HYLAs-fun and academically challenging activities that increase scholastic performance); delivering programs designed to prevent summer learning loss; and recruiting C&C volunteer mentors. This program will focus on the CNCS education focus area. The CNCS investment of $380,052 will be matched by the BGCP with $257,761 in private funding raised through foundations, private giving and program fees.

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