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FY 2016 Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success Administrative Data Pilot

Executive Summary

Following comment inserted by CNCS for clarification; Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University and Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc. (Application ID 16PS188586) are partners under this competition.

The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality (CPI) and Third Sector Capital Partners ("Third Sector") have joined together to apply for the Social Innovation Fund's Pay for Success Administrative Data Pilot. This alliance brings together (a) the CPI's strong relationships with the government agencies providing access to administrative data, and (b) Third Sector's strong relationships with existing and future Pay for Success (PFS) projects. The CPI team, which is led by Raj Chetty, Mark Duggan, and David Grusky, has been carrying out some of the country's most influential analyses of tax, census, and program data. As one of the leading players in the PFS field, Third Sector has extensive experience in innovative public-private financing and currently guides some of the country's most promising PFS projects, including five ongoing workforce projects leveraging WIOA Pay for Performance (P4P) dollars.

The proposed program will improve the quality of the evidence used to evaluate PFS initiatives. Although administrative data are the gold standard for many types of program evaluation, they have not been well incorporated into the PFS movement because providers cannot easily access administrative data or do not have the expertise to analyze them. We address these problems by combining the CPI's strength in accessing and analyzing administrative data in California and Oregon with the Third Sector's familiarity with the 20 ongoing and planned PFS projects in those states. We propose to focus initially on projects addressing economic opportunity because the CPI has substantial contacts and resources in that focus area and because there are a large number of ongoing PFS projects within it.

The program described here (a) delivers a well-publicized competition for government and provider Service Recipients, (b) selects promising PFS projects that will benefit from administrative data, (c) ensures that the many hurdles in accessing administrative data are overcome in a timely way, (d) provides ongoing technical assistance to the Service Recipients, and (e) builds a training program and resource center that will allow PFS initiatives to incorporate administrative data successfully. The proposal is supported by a one-to-one $1.5M non-federal cash match of requested CNCS funds.

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