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FY 2016 Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success Round 2

Executive Summary

Executive Summary - American Public Human Services Association

- Lead Applicant: American Public Human Services Association (APHSA)

- Matching Entities: APHSA has secured a commitment from Accenture or the required 10% cash match. Additionally, APHSA is in discussions with a foundation who is interested in supporting our PFS project once an award has been made.

- SIF issue area(s): Applicants will be able to address all three identified issue areas outlined in the NOFA: Youth Development, Economic Opportunity, Healthy Futures

- Social problems to be addressed: At this time, we are agnostic to the specific social problems to be addressed. They will, however , align to the specific SIF issue areas outlined above.

- Geographic focus: Service Recipients will be sourced nationally

- Entities selected from a competition to receive: Services to improve data readiness and capabilities and development support for state and local jurisdictions as well as services to prepare high performing service providers for SIF PFS projects.

- Areas of Focus: The applicant is applying for a grant for Data Readiness, Developmental Support for SIF PFS Projects and Preparation Services for Service Providers to engage in SIF funded PFS projects.

- Total federal funds requested: $5,400,000

Overview: The American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) seeks to advance data readiness and data support for state and local governments and service providers pursuing Pay for Success (PFS) transactions. APSHA will obtain consulting support from Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), Accenture, and Dr. Doug Besharov of the University of Maryland School of Public Policy in order to deliver data readiness services, development support, and services to prepare service providers to engage in SIF PFS projects in order to improve the ability of governments and service providers to use, understand, and apply data analytics to drive greater social outcomes, and in so doing, further advance the readiness of governments and service providers to access innovative financing mechanisms such as PFS. We will select state or local governments or service providers as Service Recipients through an open and competitive selection process to identify and support those state or local governments and or service providers on the cusp of even further impact and innovation. As such, we anticipate working across all three Social Innovation Fund issue areas and across the nation. We are requesting $5,400,000 from CNCS and will seek $5,400,000 in foundation and in-kind support for a total of $10,800,000 to cover a three-year proposed grant period of January 2017 ' December 2019. We have approached a foundation who is interested in supporting PFS as outlined in this NOFA, however they cannot commit to the match that is needed until an award has been made.

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