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FY 2016 Social Innovation Fund Classic

Executive Summary



APPLICANT: Aloha United Way (AUW) is an existing grantmaking institution with over 95 years of experience in fundraising and managing grants to address community-driven initiatives. AUW supports projects in Education, Poverty Prevention, and Safety Net Services, which improve over 830,000 lives across Hawaii annually.

FOCUS AREA: Issue-based Social Innovation Fund

PRIORITY AREA: Economic Opportunity, Technology

GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai



SOURCE OF MATCH: Aloha United Way's unrestricted reserve funds


OVERVIEW: AUW is proposing an innovative project to create a pathway out of housing and financial insecurity for Hawaii residents, focusing on reducing barriers to self-sufficiency. The project will address "ISSUE-BASED SOCIAL INNOVATION FUND" strategy. It will serve 4,000 low-income beneficiaries (2,700 adults and 1,300 children) on Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai. The organization will work on the "ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY" issue area by increasing financial stability for low-barrier to housing homeless households and at-risk for homelessness individuals, families, and children. AUW will seek and invest in in subrecipient organizations that have developed or implemented innovative, evidence-based solutions to the specified problem (STRATEGY A). AUW will support the recipients with a centralized case management database, thus addressing TECHNOLOGY optional priority. AUW is requesting a grant of $1 million dollars a year from the CNCS, total of $5,000,000 over five years. The main source of match is from AUW unobligated funds.

NEEDS: Since October 2015 Hawaii has had a state of emergency due to the number of homeless people - 7,620. 47% of homeless population is families, and 25% of the total homeless population is minors, half of whom are under the age of 6. There is a high need to prevent people from becoming homeless or newly homeless from becoming chronically homeless.

THEORY OF CHANGE: As families receive wrap-around services and case management, their time and effort to access services will be cut down. The faster beneficiaries sign up for all possible benefits, the faster their housing and financial situation will stabilize. Once housing and financial situation stabilizes, beneficiaries will stay at their housing or improve their housing situation. Children in families with stable housing are less likely to skip school, which leads to improved performance and grades. When households don't have to worry about their immediate housing and income situation, they will be able to save money in their emergency fund and improve their credit score.

OUTCOME 1/Housing Stability: 1,890 households will remain housed for 6 months or longer after services.

OUTCOME 2/Family Stability: 975 children will maintain or improve their GPA from previous quarter.

OUTCOME 3/Financial Stability and Self-Sufficiency: 1,350 households will decrease their housing cost burden by 10% and have two months of savings.

SUBRECIPIENT PORTFOLIO: AUW will invest in high-performing nonprofit organizations, that (a) have experience and results providing services, aimed at family and housing stabilization; (b) well-run and financially healthy with capable leadership, clear goals and objectives; (c) collect data and use this data to understand which of their efforts work and which do not; and (d) use this knowledge to make adjustments to their approach to continuously improve. AUW expects to select three to five (3-5) subrecipients total. The awards will range from $220,000 to $360,000. AUW will conduct a transparent and competitive process to select subrecipients. AUW will assess applicants' readiness and capacity throughout the application process and site visits. AUW will provide group and individualized technical assistance to implement program growth and evaluation to the subrecipients.

EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE, AND STRENGTH: AUW has 8 years of experience awarding grants to local non-profits for Poverty Prevention programs. The State of Hawaii awarded $5 million dollars to AUW to prevent homelessness across the state in 2015. AUW is acting as the intermediary for 18 sub-grantees that are delivering the services. AUW is also managing to federal awards -- Veterans Administration, # 101-C50432, to help homeless veterans and FY 2016 AmeriCorp VISTA State, #: 16VSPHI002.

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