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FY 2017 National Service and Civic Engagement Research

Executive Summary

The objective of this research is to expand the scope of the Engaging Youth for Positive Change program -- a civic education program designed to guide young people through the process of adopting a local community policy or ordinance in their community -- to "disconnected youth" on probation in the juvenile justice system. This project will answer our central research question: What are the impacts associated with civic engagement for juveniles on probation?

The research team will be collecting data at every step of the implementation process. Four primary sources of data will be collected: pre and post focus groups with participating youth, pre and post participant surveys, facilitators will complete weekly online logs to track implementation progress, we will engage in stakeholder interviews post-program and all community level information will be collected and documented, in particular outcomes of votes of decision-making bodies. Participants will be juveniles on probation in four counties in "downstate" Illinois (south of Chicago). The analytical approach will be both qualitative and quantitative as dictated by the needs of the source of the data.

Finally, dissemination plans include working directly with community partners to disseminate the program impacts across the juvenile probation program across Illinois. In addition, results will be presented at conferences of professionals for their feedback and we will publish both in academic journals about the program, but also in trade and professional journals to most closely share information to the appropriate audiences who may be interested in such a program.

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