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FY 2017 RSVP Expansion Competition

Executive Summary

AARP Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization established in 1961 as the charitable affiliate of AARP, the largest social welfare organization serving older Americans in the nation. AARP Foundation serves vulnerable people 50+ by creating and advancing effective solutions that help them secure the essentials. AARP Foundation works with organizations in communities across the nation to help win back opportunity for older adults.

Our work involves investing in innovative approaches and connecting Americans who are 50 and older to programs, resources, and benefits to help improve their lives in our four Impact Areas: Hunger, Housing, Income and Isolation. AARP Foundation understands the unique needs of low-income older adults and continues to identify, implement, and bring to national scale interventions to meet those needs.

AARP Foundation proposes to engage 375 RSVP volunteers in the San Gabriel Valley Community (CA-13) of which 250 will be placed in outcome based assignments. The primary focus areas of this project will be Healthy Futures. Some of the volunteer activities will include food delivery, food pantry support, assisting soup kitchens, and providing tax preparation services. At the end of the three-year grant RSVP volunteers in outcomes based activities will serve a minimum of 2,500 unduplicated individuals with 250 documented outcomes and, in the case of VITA, save $25,000 in tax preparation fees for beneficiaries.

The CNCS federal investment of $239,595 will be supplemented by an AARP Foundation match of at least 10% in year one of the grant.

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