Arkansas Service Commission

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PO Box 1437
700 S Main Street, Slot S230
Little Rock, AR 72203 - 1437
(501) 320-6137 2255
FY 2017 Volunteer Generation Fund

Executive Summary

The Arkansas Service Commission (ASC) is requesting a Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) Grant for a period of up to three years to design, develop and implement a Commission led, statewide coordinated system connecting citizens with meaningful volunteer opportunities meeting critical social issues. This new system will be built upon a network of regional volunteer centers through a significant partnership with various community-based organizations in Arkansas that will recruit nonprofit organizations and volunteers utilizing the recently launched Volunteer Arkansas (VolunteerAR) portal. VolunteerAR strengthens the state's ability to engage citizens in meaningful volunteer service and build capacity in nonprofit organizations through the development of a statewide online portal that provides volunteer opportunities and collects information on volunteer needs and gaps. Information collected from the portal will be regularly analyzed and used to increase nonprofit capacity building, effectiveness, and target and increase skills-based volunteer recruitment and measurement. The data also will help the ASCdevelop in-depth volunteer demographic and focus area measurement systems. Through VolunteerAR and the community-based organization volunteer centers, with Commission support, the number of volunteer engagements and nonprofit partnership support will increase.

VGF funding will provide the financial resources to implement up to eight volunteer centers working in partnership with VolunteerAR and ASC. VolunteerAR and community-based organization will develop three pilot volunteer centers. Data collected from the pilot program will be used to design and develop additional regional hubs that will provide opportunities accessible to all citizens of Arkansas, especially those in the most rural and underserved areas. At the end of the three year VGF funding, there will be an increase of volunteers actively engaged in impacting critical social issues.

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