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FY 2018 Community Conversations Research

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Due to varying organizational characteristics and contextual differences, few best practices are applicable to the management of employees of all nonprofit organizations. Many studies have identified the type of community (i.e., rural vs urban) as one context in which the operation of nonprofits differs. Although nonprofits in rural areas have been recognized to operate under unique constraints, previous work has not explored the individuals within those organizations to examine factors which might contribute to their satisfaction. Of particular interest are the feelings and perceptions of employees, as well as organizational processes that might help promote retention. This project seeks to gain an understanding of the current state of nonprofit employees, both urban and rural, throughout the wider Nebraska community. Specifically, we aim to study the nonprofit employees of organizations in urban and rural areas to gain an understanding of the similarities and differences of each workforce with respect to the challenges they face. Second, we plan to examine what strategies might be effective in addressing such challenges. A nonprofit employee assessment will be developed and deployed to the employees of ten nonprofits, five operating in rural areas and five operating in urban areas. Quantitative and qualitative data will be analyzed and presented to each organization, as well as disseminated in a publication.

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