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FY 2018 Community Conversations Research

Executive Summary

Enhancing Neighborhood Partnerships in the Amphi Community (ENPAC) is a community-based participatory research project designed to empower socially vulnerable communities through the processes of identifying, analyzing, and address locally defined social problems through civic engagement and relationship building.

We propose to develop, implement, and evaluate a multi-partner research and engagement program to enhance neighborhood partnerships that can be utilized in a variety of communities facing acute and chronic social crises.

Working in the Amphi Community, a neighborhood located in the City of Tucson and in severe social crisis, our team of University of Arizona researchers and community nonprofit leaders from Habitat for Humanity Tucson and several other organizations will partner with local stakeholders, including students from the area's high school, to develop a collaborative action plan to increase civic engagement to address the community's problems.

Research on the root causes of multiple social problems in the Amphi Community will be coordinated by the University of Arizona through the Tucson Poverty Project, an ongoing undergraduate-based research program that collects longitudinal survey data on low-income households in Tucson. An additional course will be developed to collect interview data from a wide representation of stakeholders in the Amphi Community and to utilize human-centered design thinking to propose and model potential community-based solutions. These data will be shared with the Amphi Community through a series of stakeholder meetings coordinated by Habitat for Humanity Tucson, which will implement its Neighborhood Partnership model there alongside the construction of nine new homes.

Through these outreach efforts, a community-based action plan will be proposed and discussed. Specific tasks and responsibilities will be identified and although the actual implementation of the plan will occur outside the scope of this research grant, the University of Arizona, Habitat for Humanity, and their partners are committed over the long-term to continuing to work in Amphi.

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