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FY 2018 Community Conversations Research

Executive Summary

The Bay Area American Muslim Community (BAAMC) is a community in action. They work collaboratively to tackle the locally-identified issue of mental health within the Muslim community. Mental health is an important topic for any community but for the American Muslim community, mental health services are critical but underutilized. In the U.S., persons of Islamic faith are vulnerable to significant levels of physical and psychological distress due to a blend of social-political realities unique to this community. Taking proactive efforts to combat these challenges, the Stanford University Muslims and Mental Health Research Lab and several partners have developed community-based approaches to facilitate the utilization of formal mental health services in the Bay Area. These approaches include the development of a Muslim community advisory board (CAB), and a network of individuals that provide wellness services, workshops, support groups, and volunteer peer networking. The CAB endeavors to add another useful component to their community efforts via a crisis response protocol. The purpose of this project is to develop a crisis response protocol utilizing CBPR approaches that will provide guidance on how Muslim organizations can work effectively and collaboratively to assess and respond to Islamophobia crises, and implement appropriate socio-spiritual, mental, education, and civic interventions. The CAB intends to design a crisis response protocol utilizing a research-to-action model. This model includes conducting community-based research, developing the protocol with the ideas and feedback from the BAAMC community, and wide dissemination for use across the country.

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