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FY 2018 Community Conversations Research

Executive Summary

This proposal for funding has been prepared by the Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies (the "CommNS") and its "Civic Health of Wisconsin" team of researchers from across the UW-Madison campus and across the state (the "Civic Health Team"). We seek funding to launch an ongoing "Civic Health of Wisconsin" Initiative, through the creation of an inaugural report (the "Report"), with the support of National Conference on Citizenship ("NCOC") and its established Civic Health Index ("CHI"), and to engage four (4) inaugural partner communities in the creation of the report, as well as in planning and implementing action plans related to civic health locally. These efforts will in turn provide illustrations for other Wisconsin communities for local civic action plans that our team will encourage on an ongoing basis as the Report's findings are disseminated and plans for an ongoing Civic Health Initiative in Wisconsin continues, including ongoing support from the CommNS for local communities' civic health activities.

This project specifically relies on existing collaborations and partnerships among the CommNS, Key Community Partner organizations, and Wisconsin community sites to build upon existing community-led efforts to integrate local communities' needs and input into the Civic Health of Wisconsin report and initiative. Additionally, two urban and two rural sites will be focused upon to ensure that relevant illustrations in these inaugural community sites for Civic Health of Wisconsin efforts are established for additional, ongoing outreach to communities across Wisconsin regarding local civic health initiatives. Identifying common interests and shared challenges and encouraging understanding across the perceived "rural and urban divide" in Wisconsin is also a goal of this approach.

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