2006 - 2010 Strategic Plan

On February 8, 2006, the Corporation for National and Community Service released its Strategic Plan for 2006-2010. The plan, which benefited from extensive public input, was a blueprint for increasing the effectiveness of CNCS's programs and operations, and for defining the unique role that national service can play in building a culture of citizenship, service, and responsibility in America.

The plan identitied five “focus areas” that the Corporation intended to significantly ramp up its efforts over the five-year period:

  • Mobilizing More Volunteers
  • Ensuring a Brighter Future for All of America’s Youth
  • Engaging Students in Communities
  • Harnessing Baby Boomers’ Experience
  • Supporting Disaster Preparedness

Each focus area included specific targets at both the national and CNCS levels, and each requires CNCS programs to work together to achieve these important objectives.

Other elements of the plan included:

  • Revised Statement of Mission and Guiding Principles
  • Focus on Management
  • Annual Focus Area Targets
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